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Howdy Y'all, I’m

Chance Dean

Adaptive Athlete / Powerlifter / Coach

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About Me

On June 20, 1995 I was in the rear seat of my brother's car when he lost control of the car. The car started spinning which threw me out the rear windshield. I hit the road shattering C6 in my neck, cracking T1 and smashing my spinal cord. I was hospitalized for 4 months and then went home. I "sat around" for many years because where I lived there was nothing available for someone in a wheelchair. I met a young lady in Dallas who got me into wheelchair rugby, but I had too much function so I was not able to class in to continue the sport. I kind of got left out again.


In 2014 I met David Vobora who had just founded Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF). He convinced me to start getting back in shape and I applied and was accepted for Class 1 and 2 in early 2015. I trained hard and got in the best shape I had been in since my accident. I then decided to volunteer as an instructor at ATF and have been training other adaptive athletes since.


In 2015 I was invited to a powerlifting competition and won 2nd place. This motivated me to continue to compete. I started training seriously, but injured my shoulders. This prevented me from training and competing for over a year. I met Dr. Steve Horwitz at ATF and asked him to help treat and train me. He got me right and I started training again. 2019 has been a big year with two PR's! 2020 has been challenging for all of us! My next meet will be in October. Stay tuned!!


2019 USPA Unleash the Beast, 374.75 lb

2019 USPA Clash of the Barbarians, 352 lb.

2018 Southwest Adaptive Athlete Powerlifting, 345 lb, Gold Medal

2017 Endeavor Games, Powerlifting, 315 lb, Silver Medal

2017 Texas Regionals Para Sport Games, Powerlifting, 300 lb, Silver Medal

2017 Southwest Adaptive Athlete Metroflex Powerlifting, 300 lb, Gold Medal

2015 Texas Regionals Para Sport Games, Powerlifting, 315 lb, Silver Medal

What's next? 

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